The Growing Trees

THE GROWING TREES is a dream taken shape after years of planning, discovering and understanding every need, be it academic, social, cognitive, physical and psychological of an infant right up to adolescence and beyond. We have pledged to prepare creative, confident and skilled individuals who will be ready to face the world with vigour.

Through a well planned and extensive programme, THE GROWING TREES strive to develop and enhance every need of an individual. It facilitates whole group, small group and individual work which take into cognizance different learning styles, emotional needs etc, bringing out the motive of Joyful and creative individuals.
“THE GROWING TREES’ is a journey, of and towards excellence!”

Approach at The Growing Trees

The Growing Trees is a Pre-School that cares for the well being of your child as much as you do. We follow an approach in which education is essentially an ‘aid to life’. It is about assisting the development of human beings during the formative years (Birth to Six years) and therefore goes far beyond the concept of education as in “school” or “curriculum”. The focus of our curriculum continually changes to adapt to the child’s natural stages of development.

Environment at The Growing Trees

Children are born with special mental powers, which aid in work of their own construction. But they cannot accomplish the task of self-construction without purposeful movement, exploration, and discovery of their environment – both, the things and people within it. They must me given the freedom to use their inborn powers to develop physically, intellectually and spiritually. An ideal classroom at The Growing Trees Pre-school is a child-centered environment that provides freedom within limits of an environment, which develops a sense of order and self-discipline. Our safe, clean, vibrant, child-friendly and nurturing environment ensures that your child feels at home, is able to explore and move around independently.
Teachers at The Growing Trees.

Certified teachers at The Growing Trees Pre-school are dedicated professionals who provide the respect, tenderness, warmth, and patience that allow children to blossom. They are here to direct and guide the children in their activities rather than to dictate them in every move.